Every autumn Committee for Nature Use, Environment Protection and Ecological Safety of St. Petersburg organises an International Environmental Film Festival “Green Vision”. St. Petersburg was the first Russian city to organise an enviromentalfestival.
The history of “Green Vision” dates back to 1996 when it was organised for the first time. The aim of a the new festival was not only to introduce the best environmental films from the world collection to the Russian audience, but also to fill the gap in the Russian cinematography^ due to the lack of money and experience there were hardly any environmental films made in Russia.

The “Green Vision” in St. Petersburg aims at
  • raising environmental awareness with the help of visual media;
  • highlighting the role of environmental films and TV programmes in raising environmental awareness;
  • informing film users (television studios, NGOs, educational institutions, movie theatres, public administrations) on the range of available environmental films on current issues;
  • broadening the knowledge of the local media (multipliers) on environmental topics of actual importance to the eastern Baltic Sea region and on approaches towards sustainable development;
  • leading to an exchange of knowledge and experience between western and eastern European environmental film makers;
  • increasing the demand for high quality environmental films produced environmental films and television programmes;
  • stimulating high quality environmental film productions and television programmes
  • enhancing the co-operation of environmental experts and film makers as multipliers of knowledge,
  • enhancing the co-operation of cultural institutes of EU member states and with the city administration and non-governmental organisations,
  • enhancing the co-operation of EU member states and eastern Baltic Sea states in the field of environmental protection and raising environmental awareness.

The films chosen for competition programme are addressing a broad audience as well as decision makers, and examine environmental issues comprehensively, from natural science, political, cultural, and social perspectives. The topics are treated both from a local and a global perspective.

In numerous lively discussions environmental experts and film-makers point out differences and similarities of environmental problems and solutions as pictured in eastern and western productions.
Film-makers and experts from eastern and western countries meet, most of them for the first time, and new contacts develop which could be of help for future work.

The Diploma of Prince Award Foundation and The European Environmental Agency confirmed the high achievements and importance of “Green Vision” in the promotion of environmental knowledge and raisin of public awareness.
During several days of the Festival spectators have the opportunity to see the best production different in genres and forms on the most essential environmental issues. Searching for the balance in the fragile system “society-environment” is the mail leitmotif of the Festival.

Annually huge amount of environmental film festival take place in the world and “Green Vision” serves like a good example for many of them both in Russia and CIS countries, by organizing master-classes and workshops, by taking part in the work of international jury of partner festivals, by providing consultancy services.
From the beginning Green Vision is a member of Ecomove International. Six European environmental film festivals have united to form a network upon the initiative of the Royal Awards Foundation in order to promote a broader awareness of the environmental film medium. Ecomove - the festival of festivals - emerged from this initiative and on the 10th of May 2002 the association of Ecomove international was established.

Since 2001 films submitted by “Green Vision” get prizes at Ecomove International in Berlin.
Documentary films not only inform people about environmental problems but also have very strong emotional impact on them, help to raise public awareness.

If the owners of allow films participated in the Festival are dubbed into Russian and can be used from the video library of the Committee by NGO for their public awareness campaigns.