Basic Provisions

  • XXII International festival of ecological films "Green vision" is regulated by normative legal acts of the Russian Federation
  • XXII international festival of ecological films "Green view" is organized by the Committee for nature use, environmental protection and ecological safety of St. Petersburg Government

The main objectives of the Festival:

  • Ecological education of the population of St. Petersburg, as well as attracting public attention to the problems of environmental protection, the formation of careful attitude to the environment, formation of ecological culture, informing about the course of the year of ecology in Russia;
  • Informing a wide audience about the existing best samples of world collection of environmental films on the urgent environmental issues;
  • Increasing demand and stimulating the creation of domestic environmental films of high quality;
  • Deepening cooperation between Nations in the field of environmental protection;
  • Strengthening of the cooperation between the creators of the environmental films and their users;

Frequency: annually.

The festival program includes:

  • The Competition Is International
  • competition: films, shot by the children of the school-age
  • Special programs

Official languages of the Festival:

  • English
  • Russian

Participation Conditions:

  • Films and video programmes for the international contest may be submitted by their producers, distributors, owners, authors or legal entities.
  • Application form (entry form) can be sent at You can get the entry form to fill in via e-mail, download it on the web site, or from any other public source.

International competition is including full-length documentary films documentary and popular science films (duration not more than 90 min), short documentary, feature and animated films (duration not more 30 minutes) educational films produced after January 1, 2014. Year of production is determined by the copyright only. The screening copy must have hardcoded English subtitles if the language of the film is not English.

Children's competition is including films, that correspond the requirements, specified by the regulation of children's competition of the XXII International festival of ecological films "Green vision"

Special programs are at the discretion of the Directorate of the film festival.

There is no limit to the number of films submitted to participate in the competitive program, but each film must be submitted on a separate media (DVD drive), or available before the end of the festival provided in the application download link.

Every film must have a title and be accompanied by the application form.

For consideration of the application should be sent to the address of the festival:

  • DVD copy of the film
  • Completed application form
  • Brief annotation in Russian or English (100 words)
  • At least two illustrations for the catalogue on electronic media (JPEG, TIFF, GIF)
  • Dialogue lists in Russian or English (on electronic media or in printed form)

Films for the selection, submitted via an online platforms are also accepted

All DVD copies of films sent for selection will remain in the festival archive, with the exception of other arrangements, however, the Festival management is responsible for the use of their non-commercial purposes only. DVD copy of the film should not have a menu and regional restrictions. If you are sending materials from abroad, please mark the package with ‘NO COMMERCIAL VALUE; FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY’.

The list of films selected for the competition programme will be published on our website on 1 st October 2017 (

The conditions of competition

  • A special commission selects the films submitted to participate in the Festival, and forms a competition program
  • Films included in the competition program are selected by the professional jury of the Festival.

Nominations of the International competition of the festival:

  • Grand Prix
  • Best film for children and youth
  • For the most original approach to reflecting environmental problems
  • For courage in making an environmental film
  • Best film about the Baltic sea region
  • For the beauty and humanism
  • For the artistic merits
  • For the optimistic vision of the future
  • Special prizes
    • The television and Internet broadcast: participation in the festival implies the transfer of the rights to broadcast Russian and foreign television advertising excerpts from films (10% of the total length of the film, but no more than three minutes). The same rights are assumed for broadcasting in the Internet.

      Participation in the Festival

      • Request for personal participation in the festival should be sent to the organizers within a specified time, according to predetermined rules
      • Participants provide all the information materials in the official languages of the Festival
      • Entrance to the screenings and other events at the Festival for participants free of charge
      • Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of the conditions of this regulations