of the Fourth Environmental Film
Festival in St. Petersburg
“Green Vision-99”
10-12 September 1999





St. Petersburg said good-bye to the Fourth International Environmental Film Festival "Green Vision-99"
Film-makers from 17 countries have send their works to take part in the competition on biodiversity and wild nature, role of water in human life, results of human invasion in nature.
A jury with representatives from eastern and western Europe of different professional backgrounds awarded prizes for the best films on the following nominations:

  • Grand Prix - The Temple Troop, UK, by M. Linfield
  • the best film for children - Magnificent sky, Georgia, by N. Begiashvili
  • the most original approach to reflecting environmental issues - White dust and lie, Australia, by B. Hush
  • the courage in making an environmental film - From the Persian Gulf to Kurdistan, France/Germany, by B.Koenig
  • the best environmental TV program - Hard Labour , Denmark, by St. Jensen
  • for the Beauty and Humanism - The New Nature, The Netherlands,  by  T. Tinbergen
  • Prize of the Audience, established by the magazine ECO-Chronicle, - The Temple Troop, UK, by M. Linfield

The Jury decided to mentioned

  • L. Semago - for high skill of narration (The feather of feather-grass, Russia, by N. Netesova)
  • T. Arnbom, J. Henriksson - for high level of environmental film (Taiga— the Forests of frost and fire, Sweden)
  • A. Rajakurana - for the optimism in tackling of environmental problems (Nature or Nature, Sri Lanka)
  • N. Velikodnaya - for the best Russian environmental TV program (Environment, Russia)

The Festival was ended with a lesson “Use of videofilms in environmental education”