of the Ninth International Environmental Film Festival "Green Vision" St. Petersburg

The Ninth International Environmental Film Festival "Green Vision" St. Petersburg is completed. More than 350 films from 29 countries were submitted for the competition programme.

During the Festival, environmental film-makers and environmental experts visited St. Petersburg to discuss different approaches to reflecting environmental issues by means of the cinema.

A jury with representatives from Eastern and Western Europe of different professional backgrounds  awarded prizes for the best films in the following nominations:

  • Grand PrixThe Elephant, the Emperor and the Butterfly Tree, UK, by Alastair McEwen & Sea Morris
  • The Best Film for Children and Young PeopleDon’t Push Your Luck!, Belgium, by Jean-Luc Slock & Veronique Michel
  • The Most Original Interpretation of Environmental ProblemsIf Rubbish Could Speak, Spain, by Cosima Dannoritzer
  • For the Courage in Making an Environmental FilmWorld of Solitude, Iceland, by Pall Steingrimsson
  • For the Beauty and HumanismAlmendro – Tree of Life, Austria, by Barbara Puskas
  • Best Film about the Baltic Sea RegionThe Magic of the Wetlands, Sweden, by Kurt Skoog
  • For Comprehensive and Profound Presentation of the TopicLike Nothing on Earth – The Incredible Life of Slime Moulds, Germany, by Karlheinz Baumann
  • For Artistic MeritsSouth of the North, Russia, by Andrey Sokolov
  • For the Optimistic Vision of the FutureWater and Autonomy, Mexico, by Alexandra Halkin
  • Prize of the Youth JuryA Day with the Earth, Japan, by Cinshiro Urabe & Daisuke Nakamura

Special prizes were awarded by our partner SUE “Vodokanalof St. Petersburg”

  • For the Best Film about Water – Thirsty Planet – Water for the Cities, Germany, by Jorg Seibold & Dieter Roser

The Jury decided to mention and award special diplomas

  • Weekly TGR – The Scanzano Protest, Italy, by Renator Cantore for best tackling of one of the most important problem of the present
  • My Country, Czech Republic, by Alena Hynkova, for the most artistic environmental TV programme