St. Petersburg, Russia, 22-26.11.2011


I. Basic Provisions

  • The Festival is intended to present new films, TV and video programmes which help by their contents and artistic level to broaden knowledge about nature and environment.
  • Official languages of the Festival are Russian and English.

II. Participation Conditions

  • Films and video programmes for the international contest may be submitted by their producers, distributors, owners, authors or legal entities.
  • Only films and videos produced after the 1st January 2008 may be accepted for the international contest.
  • Number of films sent for the contest is not limited, however each cassette may contain just one film.
  • DVD and VHS videocassettes are acceptable for presentation.
  • The films and videocassettes must be delivered to the address quoted in the application form before 01 August 2011. The sender covers mail and insurance charges.
  • Each film must have a title and the application form must be sent with it.
  • A short film summary in English, German or Russian is requested.
  • It would be most desirable if the film entry is supplemented by a complete commentary (dialogue) in one of following languages: English, German, French, and Russian and at least 2 picture for catalogue (black/white)
  • The awarded films remain in the archives of the Festival and the archives keeper undertakes not to use them for commercial purposes.

III. International Contest

  • A Pre-selection Commission will evaluate the films and video programmes for admittance into the contest.
  • The films and video programmes included in the contest shall be evaluated by a Professional Jury.

The Professional Jury is entitled to award:

  • Grand Prix
  • Best film for children and youth
  • For the most original approach to reflecting environmental problems
  • For courage in making an environmental film
  • For the beauty and humanism
  • Best film about the Baltic Sea region
  • Special prizes

IV. Personal Attendance

  • Application forms for personal attendance should be sent to the address of the organisers.
  • Participants will obtain information materials upon the registration at the Festival and have free entry to the Festival as well as all accompanying events.
  • The organisers can reserve hotel upon the request

V. Final Provisions

  • All festival copies will be returned to the applicants before 30 December, 2011.